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My favorite thing about this class is being able to go on the computer,  be with my friends,  and best of all,  no homework.  There where things I didn’t like about the class too. I think we stay on the same things for to long and there was not very much instruction for each day.  I get bored easily in this class, but sometimes it can be fun.  I probably could have done better on this blog, but I think I did really well on my wiki. Our teacher Mr. Heinz ( htpp:// ) was nice to have.  Over all Digital Media was an okay class but not my favorite.

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~Delaney V.

lol  this is a random post!

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The sand was like the icy sauser for the the cup that holds the ocean .  The water poured across the sand like an overflowing bathtub.  (i shall finish this later : ))

This is my first blog : ) So don’t make fun of it!!!!! jk lol : )

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